What Food is St. Louis Famous For?

St. Louis is a city with a rich history and a vibrant culinary scene. From toasted ravioli to pork steaks, St. Louis has a variety of traditional dishes that have been part of the local food culture for decades.

During your next stop in St. Louis, try these ten essential foods from the Gateway City. If a food could sum up the spirit of St. Louis, it could be toasted ravioli.

Not actually toasted, these fried ravioli are filled with ground beef, cheese with pepper or buffalo chicken and topped with a dash of Parmesan and served with a warm bowl of marinara sauce. Another dish that is unique to St. Louis is pork steak. This chunky cut is part of the Boston pork shoulder or butt and didn't originate in St.

Louis until the 1950s. Pork steaks are traditionally grilled and then finished in the oven with a healthy layer of barbecue sauce, such as Maull's, which is a favorite of the locals. Sticky buttercake is another classic dish from St. Louis that has been around since the 1930s.

It is believed to have been the result of a happy accident when a baker made a mistake with the measurements while baking a traditional cake. The result was a delicious cake that has become an iconic dessert in St. Louis. For breakfast, try the mighty slingshot, which consists of eggs, meat and potatoes all bathed in ladles of chili.

The origins of slingers are shady, but several restaurants claim to have created it. Frozen custard is another classic dish from St. Louis that has been around since 1929 when Ted Drewes Sr. began making it while spending the winter in Florida.

Today, Ted Drewes Frozen Custard is one of the pillars of STL and locals flock to it for their frozen custard fix. Finally, no list of essential foods from St. Louis would be complete without mentioning St. Louis-style ribs.

This unique butchery technique involves removing the sternum, cartilage and tips of the ribs from a common set of ribs to create its rectangular shape. Al Lou loves his barbecue!.

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