10 Most Romantic Restaurants in St. Louis, Missouri

Are you looking for the perfect spot to take your special someone for a romantic evening out? Look no further than St. Louis, Missouri! From classic French cuisine to innovative New American fare, the city has something for everyone. Here are our picks for the 10 most romantic restaurants in St. Louis.

Les Freres Bar

is one of the best restaurants in the city and also one of the most romantic.

Kevin Nashan's main pillar in Benton Park is located in a beautiful space with dark wood and exposed bricks. The service is one of the best timed and best informed we've experienced anywhere. And did we mention the food? At Les Freres Bar, the classics are amazing (don't miss the lobster-stuffed Bernese steak), but the innovations can be even better. You won't have eaten gizzards until you've tried them here.

Sidney Street Café

is another great option for a romantic evening out.

Located in the historic Lafayette Square neighborhood, this New American restaurant serves classic American cuisine with subtle international touches. The atmosphere is elegant and relaxed, making it a great spot for a date night. Don't miss their delicious and unique dishes!Stone Soup Cottage is a cozy spot in St. Louis that serves up classic French cuisine.

The menu features dishes like steak frites, mussels, and escargot, as well as an extensive wine list. The atmosphere is intimate and inviting, making it a great place to share a romantic dinner.

Aya Sofia

is a Moroccan-inspired restaurant that focuses on small plates and exquisite cocktails. You won't find the menu on the Internet, so get ready for an adventure full of flavors and delicious surprises. This unique and lively atmosphere is perfect for a romantic evening out.

Bailey's Chocolate Bar

is a dessert bar located on the top floor of a building in Lafayette Square.

With dark lighting and a menu of pure decadence, Bailey's Chocolate Bar is the kind of place where you could never have a first date. Order a few apps and a glass of wine, followed by a round of those chocolate martinis and a chocolate tipsy (think dark chocolate ganache with cinnamon ice cream). Then wait for the sparks to come out!Vin de Set is most famous for its patio, where many brunches with alcohol are served in good weather. But it would be a mistake to rule out the indoor experience here.

The room on the third floor rises high above the city, with exposed brick walls, a vaulted ceiling and one of St. Louis' best views of downtown.

The Benevolent King

is Ben Poremba's most recent creation. This restaurant serves up classic American fare with subtle international touches in an intimate atmosphere. The adjoining bar area can be even livelier, with giant booths that are perfect for making out.

The food is delicious and you won't go home hungry.

Polite Society

is said to be the most romantic restaurant in Missouri! This New American restaurant serves up classic American cuisine with subtle international touches in an elegant atmosphere. Don't miss their delicious and unique dishes!St. Louis has something for everyone when it comes to romantic restaurants! Whether you're looking for classic French cuisine or innovative New American fare, there's something here for you and your special someone to enjoy.

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