Pet-Friendly Restaurants in St. Louis, Missouri

Are you looking for a place to enjoy a delicious meal with your furry friend in St. Louis, Missouri? Look no further! The city of St. Louis is home to a variety of pet-friendly restaurants, breweries, and bars that welcome dogs in neighborhoods across the metropolitan area. From the iconic Louis monument, The Arch, to the many walking trails and grassy areas, there are plenty of places to explore with your pup.

For example, Square One Distillery & Morgan Street Brewery are two popular spots for grabbing a drink with your pup. Boathouse at Forest Park is another great option for enjoying a meal with your pet. This park marked the beginning of the Lewis and Clark expedition and pets on leashes are welcome on the trails that surround it. Shameless Grounds is another great spot for grabbing a bite to eat with your pup.

This restaurant is known for its excellent barbecue and comforting Southern food. You can sit outside in the yard, where they'll bring your puppy some water and a treat. The Barn is also known for serving fantastic brunch with crackers with sauce, eggs Benedictines and French toast. Enjoy brunch outside with your puppy on the patio. With these pet-friendly restaurants in St.

Louis, you can enjoy a delicious meal while sitting with your furry friend. So grab your pup and head out to one of these great spots for an unforgettable experience!.

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