Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in St. Louis, Missouri

Are you looking for vegan and vegetarian restaurants in St. Louis, Missouri? Look no further! St. Louis is home to a variety of vegan and vegetarian eateries that offer delicious and sustainable options. Bombay Food Junkies is a great place to start.

This restaurant began as a food truck but now has its own store in Creve Coeur. Bombay Food Junkies is committed to sustainability, with a subscription rate of 100 percent and a ban on single-use plastic. The entire menu is free of animal products and includes classic Indian dishes such as butter chicken and samosas filled with peas and potatoes. Their milkshakes, made with oat milk and flavors such as chocolate and blueberry pie, are also fan favorites. Another great vegan-friendly option in St.

Louis is Seedz Cafe. Known for its good service and great food, Seedz Cafe is one of the most vegan-friendly options in St. Louis. If you're looking for something new, Terror Tacos is a great choice.

This restaurant offers vegan tacos with unique flavors such as jackfruit carnitas and seitan al pastor. November 1 is World Vegan Day, so why not celebrate by trying out one of these amazing vegan restaurants in St. Louis? Whether you're looking for classic Indian dishes or something new, there's something for everyone in St. Louis.

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