7 Most Unique Dining Experiences in St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri is a great American city with more to offer than just Budweiser and baseball. From the cities and small towns that dot the mighty Mississippi in the east, through the Ozarks and to the “Paris of the Plains” in Kansas City, amazingly picturesque destinations go hand in hand with rich culinary traditions and one-of-a-kind dining experiences. Here are seven extraordinary dining experiences in Missouri that you don't want to miss. The Dinner Detective is one of the best unique and fun dining experiences near St.

Louis. It's a murder mystery dinner show that combines a four-course meal with a live performance. The Louis Board Game Bar & Coffee is another great option for a unique experience. It's a bar and cafe where you can play board games while enjoying coffee, beer, and food. Rob Connoley's passionate exploration of local ingredients and historic Ozark cuisine makes for a delicious, engaging and unforgettable experience at Cinder House.

The panoramic views of the city center and the Mississippi River are already the recipe for a special night. The Crossing has been a must-see destination for special occasions for nearly a quarter of a century due to its exquisite cuisine and unparalleled hospitality. Nick Bognar has established himself as one of St. Louis' top chefs at Louie. His Japanese and Southeast Asian-inspired dishes create their own special occasion, and the never-ending dinner and party atmosphere enhances everything you celebrate here.

Olive + Oak is the place to go for an occasion that needs to satisfy a wide range of appetites, from hamburgers to Dover sole to share. Philip Day's seasonal kitchen at Augusta justifies the trip and more. Kevin Nashan's flagship in Benton Park remains undisputed, as it's a timeless place for special evenings and a thoroughly modern American restaurant. Sidney Street Cafe is Nashan's acclaimed and beloved Benton Park restaurant, where classic dishes (lobster patties in crackling puff pastry with a reduction of tomato and brandy) and modern dishes (raw hamachi with popcorn) are artfully served. Tony's new, flashy rooms in Clayton haven't altered the restaurant's old school dining experience to the maximum. It's still The Spot for the most special occasions for a reason.

Los Gallinas have elevated Martínez to be a member of their restaurant group, and will soon open a taqueria in the new outdoor space of Vicia. The Boathouse at Forest Park is another great option for those looking for local Midwestern fare. You can have hot chocolate in the winter months, cool off with a cold drink in summer, have mimosas for Sunday brunch, or simply order a variety of dishes for lunch and dinner all year round. You'll also find live music depending on the season. Owner Matt McGuire, chef Sean Turner and their team have built a timeless restaurant at Olive + Oak that is Italian in the details but universal in its appeal. When you're hungry, head to The Boathouse at Forest Park for an unforgettable experience.

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