The Best Mexican Restaurants in St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis is an iconic city, known for its Gateway Arch and its rich history. It's also home to some of the best Mexican restaurants in the country. From traditional taquerias to modern Mexican-inspired eateries, St.

Louis has something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a quick lunch or a multi-course dinner, these are the best Mexican restaurants in St. Louis. Mi Ranchito is a family-owned restaurant that serves classic Mexican dishes and giant margaritas. The warm service and delicious food are the real reasons why Mi Ranchito is a neighborhood favorite.

I loved their combo menu because it allows you to try numerous classics in one meal. Mission Taco Joint is a California-style ode to Mexican cuisine from California brothers and homeowners Jason and Adam Tilford. They honor both California and St. Louis, offering Mission-style burritos and tacos along with a wide variety of craft beers from St. Louis breweries.

Mission Taco Joint's main location is in Delmar Loop, but there are now locations in Soulard and the Central West End, not to mention several locations in Kansas City and St. Charles. Chava has a unique and lively atmosphere inside what used to be a historic St. Louis building. The restaurant serves traditional Mexican dishes with a modern twist, such as tacos al pastor, enchiladas verdes, and chiles rellenos.

They also have an extensive selection of tequilas and mezcals. El Burro Loco is an authentic, colorful and festive Mexican restaurant and cocktail bar in St. Louis. El Burro Loco has my favorite atmosphere because of its incredibly colorful traditional decor, which includes bars and backdrops with multicolored tiles, chairs, walls and tables, and dated streetlamp style lamps. Fuzzy's Taco Shop began as a modern hippie taco tavern in Fort Worth, Texas, but has since become a beloved national franchise with more than 150 locations in the U. S., including locations in the Manchester, Webster Groves and Maryland Heights neighborhoods of St.

Louis. Las Fuentes has been St. Louis' favorite for its family atmosphere and excellent food for nearly 30 years. I went on a cold day, so I started with a comforting cup of Aztec soup. The menu includes all the classic Mexican dishes like tacos, burritos, enchiladas, fajitas, quesadillas, nachos, tamales, flautas, chiles rellenos and more. Nixta presents contemporary cuisine led by a chef inspired by Mexican recipes.

The kitchen team is led by Ben Poremba who guides them in creating dishes that celebrate seasonal ingredients and contemporary techniques. They serve classic ceviche, crab toast and quinoa salad as well as mushroom enomoladas, crispy mushrooms and mole de beef. La Catrina ensures that its customers enjoy the food and atmosphere of the restaurant. They have an exclusive margarita that's perfect for every meal as well as Taco Tuesdays with discounts on nachos, tacos and margaritas. There's also a happy hour Monday through Friday from 2 to 5 in the afternoon. Mariachi's serves favorite Mexican dishes with a fully stocked bar at all locations.

It's a fun place to enjoy their signature margaritas made with Sauza Tequila as well as their games room to make the stay more impressive. Rosalita's Cantina offers a full menu of food and beverages with selections of house specialties. They offer modern specialties with their wide range of classic Mexican dishes as well as Cadillac fajitas made with the best ingredients. Henry serves cochinita pibil citrica, turkey in a smoky and earthy sauce of burnt chili and other dishes with vibrant flavors in bowls with freshly made corn tortillas as a side dish (stewed tacos), or filled with toasted tender beans and ground pepita, in a crispy fried Mayan-style panucho (pibihua) or on toast filled with beans (panuchos).Sureste Mexican is an authentic Mexican kitchen service located in a fast and informal food court in the center of the city specializing in Yucatan cuisine. The concept comes from the family that created the famous El Morelia Super Market in Bridgeton, Missouri.

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